What is Electrolyte Balance?

Electrolytes are minerals that produce an electric charge in your body. They are found in plenty in your urine, blood, and body fluids. It is imperative to maintain the right electrolyte balance to ensure that blood chemistry remains optimal and other processes such as muscle action are not compromised.

Examples the electrolytes in your body are potassium, chlorine, magnesium, sodium, and calcium. These minerals are found in the foods and fluids that you ingest on a daily basis. In some instances, the level of electrolytes can be low or high depending on the amount of water in your body which can result in over-hydration or dehydration. Kidney problems, diarrhea, some medications, and vomiting are some of the known causes of electrolyte imbalance.

Each electrolyte in the body plays an important role. Here are the functions of the five electrolytes that are essential to your health and wellness.


Chloride helps to ensure that all digestion processes occur properly. It also maintains correct PH by balancing both alkalinity and acidity.


Sodium is instrumental in promoting both nerve and muscle functioning. More importantly, it maintains the correct blood pressure by controlling the level of various fluids in your body.


Potassium helps to regulate both blood and heart pressure. It also aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, and promotes bone health. It also helps to ensure that muscle contractions are well coordinated.


Magnesium contributes to proper muscle functions and the nervous system. It also ensures blood glucose levels remain optimal and maintain heart rhythm. Also, it is involved in production of RNA and DNA as well as promotes the immune system.


Calcium is one of the key components of teeth and bones. This means that low calcium levels will result in weak bones and teeth. It also facilitates blood clotting, muscle movement, and nerve impulses.

Clearly, maintaining the proper electrolyte balance will ensure that your body is fully functional and able to prevent various diseases.




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